Our Method

Afforestation with the Miyawaki Method is well-established and globally recognized as an effective tool for native forest regeneration with over 40 million trees planted at 1,700 sites worldwide. More than 100,000 trees have been planted using this technique in North America alone. 

Why Do We Grow
Miyawaki Forests?

Using an innovative technique called the Miyawaki Method, our native forests grow 10x faster and are 30x more dense. 


These forests can capture more carbon and address the urgency to restore ecosystems that encourage biodiversity.


As the U.S. Partner of Afforest, we specialize in growing Miyawaki native forests.

We are the US partners of Afforest

Featured on TED Talks, TED Talks India | December 2017

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How to Grow the Perfect Forest

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A Miyawaki forest can be designed to have a particular focus:

  • Wildlife attracting

  • Seasonal flowers

  • Native food production